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Sin Fronteras

Sin Fronteras


The Sin Fronteras represents the ultimate alternative to emergency medical vehicles, especially when four-wheel drive on severe terrain is required. It is a unique self-contained modular ambulance body unit built with basic life support equipment to provide medical care.

Each unit meets the requirements of your fleet of utility vehicles and offers unmatched versatility and durability. Many options are available according to your choice of configuration and equipment needs.

Sturdy, powerful and durable, the Sin Fronteras is designed to outlast even the toughest pick-up truck while its self-contained features allow one to convert the emergency unit into a brand new truck.

The Sin Fronteras is designed for maximum efficiency. Its exclusive tie-down system lets the operator easily install or remove the modular body on and off the truck’s bed. Everything fits tightly without having to drill holes or make any modification to the vehicle. With the help of four crank-operated lifting jacks, an operator can quickly remove the Sin Fronteras and its full contents all by himself. No tools are required.

Who said great things didn’t come in small packages?